Secure messaging for healthcare, local government and the financial industry.


Most data leaks are caused by human error. ZIVVER offers a secure messaging platform that prevents this type of leak. A single data leak can involve the details of thousands of people, which poses a challenge to especially healthcare organizations, local government and, increasingly, financial institutions. Since henQ’s investment in 2017 ZIVVER has shown very strong growth, allowing them to raise a $12M Series A with Dawn Capital & DN Capital to further grow into the DACH region as well as the UK.


A great team that is addressing the global trend of increased privacy awareness and digital-focused legislation

Nearly 40% of data leaks happen in the healthcare industry. Therefore, this has been the perfect initial vertical to start selling a secure messaging product into. A key to doing this successfully has been Rick Goud and Wouter Klinkhamer’s very strong background in the industry, as founding team members of highly successful healthcare consulting firm Gupta Strategists. There, they did not only learn what it is like to be part of a winning team but also about the ins and outs of the healthcare industry and the preferences of healthcare professionals. Having this strong team, at henQ we were convinced we could tap into the gigantic opportunity that increased data and privacy legislation like GDPR poses to savvy software entrepreneurs. Now with their own, handcrafted winning team, Rick and Wouter prove to be successful with ZIVVER well beyond healthcare, after having had a perfect start.


Becoming Europe’s leading player.

Clearly, one of the reasons ZIVVER chose henQ was our focus on both Seed and B2B software businesses, which made us a perfect fit to assist them in establishing product-market fit both from a commercial and product perspective. The key has been to focus on optimizing and scaling a select number of their strongest product features and to do so in the one vertical where they had the strongest product-market fit, the healthcare industry. Additionally, we also helped them bring on board a number of key hires.


ZIVVER indicates that one of the things they appreciated most, is our open-mindedness to the slightly different than normal vertical that healthcare poses, as well as our non-hierarchical approach to support the company. One of our proudest achievements together is raising an internationally renowned Series A from leading Series A players within the B2B software space (Dawn Capital and DN capital). Towards the future we aim to continue to support ZIVVER’s mission to become Europe’s leader in secure communication, sharing all our knowledge and helping them optimally utilize their momentum in creating and winning this market.





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