Although television is still a dominant medium, innovation in content creation and technology is notoriously slow.


Founder Derk Nijssen identified this opportunity and his team created a new kind of music television station: XITE. Covering the complete spectrum of music television, XITE offers both traditional linear TV and responsive service that allows users to personalize their station according to their preferences.


Since 2008 XITE Networks has been broadcasting linear television and offers its VOD services on several platforms. The linear TV channel, with 24/7 music videos from the most popular artists, is now distributed to 15 million households in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Qatar.


XITE has closed deals with nine major operators worldwide and now plans to start broadcasting on a global scale to drive further growth. XITE has a full in-house production team. The studio creates content such as documentaries, music videos and YouTube formats for XITE, its partners and external clients.





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Investment date


HQ Location

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Online video streaming