Studytube resulted from the founders’ personal frustration with the way they were taught Law at university.


They found the traditional, one-size-fits-all educational model both uninspiring and impersonal. Surely it should be possible to create a method that made studying both personal and fun? What they came up with was an adaptive platform that allows students to prepare for exams at their own pace.


Studytube offers students both easy-to-digest subject matter and exercise material as well as mini-lectures by professors from participating educational institutions. After focusing initially on law schools, they have also partnered with law firms, who provide lectures based on real law practice experience.


Studytube is currently expanding to other fields and is selling its platform to educational companies.
The company’s ambition is to become the WordPress of e-learning. Studytube is committed to bringing the best online learning experience to every member of the goal workforce, to built a place where professionals can learn anything that makes them more productive and successful in their professional career.




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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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