In just 18 months, Stravito on-boarded seven global consumer goods companies, including French dairy giant Danone.


Yearly, more than 58 billion dollar is spent on market research and insights. However, using these insights and this knowledge efficiently is something most global enterprises struggle with. This is now more relevant than ever, with the hugely increasing amounts of data gathered and available to make better decisions. Solving such a key problem and through great execution, Stravito on-boarded seven global consumer goods companies in just 18 months, including French dairy giant Danone.


Very impressed with the experienced founding team

Throughout our initial meetings and now, having worked more closely with Stravito for a while, we were and are very impressed with the experienced founding team. There is a unique balance between expertise in scaling a technology business on the one hand and deep FMCG industry knowledge on the other. Stravito co-founder / CEO Thor Olof Philogène was previously Growth and Chief Revenue Officer at iZettle and part of its management team, where he worked with co-founder and Chief Customer Officer Sarah Lee, who was then Business Lead Card Payments. Co-founders Andreas Lee and Anders Örbom add to the mix having previously founded successful FMCG market research company NORM, which was acquired by the world’s then 3rd largest company in market research, GfK.


Investing in Stravito marks henQ’s further expansion in the Nordic market

For henQ the investment in Stravito is not only a great investment — it was also one of our first investments in the Nordic market, something we intend to do (a lot) more.


Being a Swedish B2B software company in the late seed stage, one of the reasons Stravito chose henQ is because of our dedicated B2B software focus. We are actively assisting Stravito in building out a state of the art and scalable enterprise sales commercial organization, run by experienced people who are still very hungry. Additionally, our focus enables us to optimally support B2B software companies like Stravito in raising a Series A, if that becomes part of the plan, both in terms of network and the necessary results and contents that are required for raising such a round. Last, but not least, the team liked henQ’s fast and decisive investment process, in which we focus on the essentials and nothing more, enabling us to very swiftly move from the first contact to money in the bank.




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