Allowing tv-viewers to interact with their favorite shows.


Although many experts have been predicting the demise of television for many years, the claim could hardly be further from the truth. If anything, TV has experienced a rebirth over the previous years. This has not happened spontaneously but was a result of the rise of social media and apps that increasingly allow viewers to participate and share experiences in real time.


PlayToTV, the second screen platform created by Ex Machina, is at the forefront of this development. It supports photos, videos and music. By creating apps for popular TV shows such as The Voice, Deal or No Deal and Dancing With The Stars, the company allows broadcasters and program-makers to interact with their audiences at an unprecedented level, opening up a whole new range of marketing opportunities.


PlayToTV is used by companies such as TF1, NBCUniversal, MBC, RTL, M6, Zeebox, Endemol and Talpa. As the market leader in the Netherlands and having expanded rapidly abroad, PlayToTV is well positioned to take TV engagement to the next level.




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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


TV application development