henQ was the very first investor in Mendix and stayed involved in the low-code application development company till it’s $700M exit to Siemens.


The revolutionary Mendix platform allows organizations to create a new generation of flexible applications in a highly agile way. Founded in 2005, Mendix was created with the ambition to solve the frustrating problems common to enterprise software development: taking too much time, costing too much money and not doing what it is intended to do.


Mendix’s founders thought there had to be a better way. And there was. Today, developers can deploy a prototype app in just a matter of hours, changing and shaping it in real time on the basis of feedback from stakeholders. The rapidly growing company has moved its headquarters to Boston and has recently opened a new office building in Rotterdam.





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Investment date


HQ Location

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Low-code application platform


Acquired by Siemens in Summer 2018