inSided is Europe’s foremost provider of community engagement technology and services and believes in a new way to do business.


It helps forward-looking companies to radically improve customer intimacy, advocacy and profitability by fostering online conversations at every stage of the customer life cycle.

As a leader in social business technology, inSided offers a community engagement platform that helps companies like Sonos, T-Mobile, SoundCloud, Philips, BNP Paribas and TomTom to reduce costs, drive innovation and sales and empower their customers.


The company has an experienced team with community building firmly rooted in its DNA and constantly strives to improve it work, focus on ROI and deliver 100% customer satisfaction. inSided believes that technology, no matter how powerful or well designed, is only as good as the people and processes that complement it.


Its market-leading services are uniquely designed to help customers develop successful communities that support critically important business goals across customer support, sales, marketing and product development.




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