Housing Anywhere

HousingAnywhere.com was founded by a group of students from the Rotterdam School of Management.


It provides a housing platform where students can sublet their room to incoming exchange students when they go abroad on an exchange or internship, increasing the amount of short-term accommodation available to incoming exchange students.


Housing Anywhere started in 2009 as a student project at Erasmus University, but by 2010 the platform had expanded to most other universities in the Netherlands. In 2011, Housing Anywhere started to expand internationally, adding Spain, France, Germany and Denmark to the website. Since then the platform has continued to grow.


Currently 100+ universities worldwide offer this platform as one of the housing solutions for their international students. In recent years, over 10,000 rooms have been offered from local students to international students on this platform. In addition, over the past five years there have been no reports of scams. This great success is thanks to the student-to-student concept of the platform.




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Investment date


HQ Location

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Short stay accommodation