A modern virtual phone solution


Whether for sales or customer support teams, all businesses need a virtual phone solution. Unfortunately, most current solutions require time-consuming setups, are expensive, and lack easy integrations into everyday business tools (such as Zendesk or Pipedrive), which most businesses have become used to. Believe it or not, many of them are still on-premise. CloudTalk is a modern, easy-to-use, cloud-based alternative to these tools: sales, customer support, and call center agents can easily route calls to the most relevant person, they can directly input information from calls into CRM or other systems and can call from anywhere with local numbers.


Superior product in a very large market


Call quality is one of the biggest issues faced by customer service and sales teams when connecting with customers and prospects. CloudTalk’s own in-house built infrastructure (which integrates directly with local telco carriers and doesn’t solely rely on voice infrastructures like Twilio’s) allows them to offer best-in-class call quality. Combined with the aforementioned features that make teams save 2 – 3 minutes per call made, it is no coincidence that they can boast better online product reviews on all relevant platforms than any of its competitors.


Impressed by the team’s ability to continuously improve


In addition to their product, we have been impressed with the team’s ability to turn marginal gains in every possible area (from that one additional product integration that makes the difference for customers, to the way they generate inbound leads via targeting long-tail keywords to get top SEO ranking) into a sizeable edge vis-a-vis their competitors. This has allowed CloudTalk to show very strong growth during the last 12 months from expansion at existing customers as well as sales to new customers.


Based on our conviction of the execution power of the team, their ability to build a superior product, and the opportunity in this market we were very comfortable leading CloudTalk’s Series A with a co-investment from Germany-based Point 9. This investment is a testimony to our belief that teams that consistently execute well are destined to build great, sustainable businesses. The CloudTalk and henQ teams immediately had a strong match from our combined focus on execution and not just a grand vision or a dogmatic view on how businesses should be built, as every successful business has a different route to success.



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Virtual phone solution