The intuitive legal search platform.

Existing search solutions in the legal industry have not evolved for decades and only provide keyword-based searches. Results are therefore not exhaustive, less relevant and the entire process is time-consuming. Bluetick created a context-aware search engine for lawyers in close cooperation with a wide range of law firms. The product allows them to gather a comprehensive overview of all relevant legal precedents and documents. It’s underlying natural language processing algorithm detects context in searches and documents which allows lawyers to find all relevant legal documentation in a fraction of the time compared to alternatives. 


A driven graduate founding team

Bluetick’s founding team consists of four recent graduates from Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. From the moment we met them they have impressed us with the knowledge they gathered about a market that was completely foreign to them at the start of their journey.


In a matter of months, they validated a pressing problem in a large market, launched the product in close collaboration with law firms and sold their first licenses. They iterate quickly on feedback from the market to improve their product and build the legal search platform of the future.




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Investment date


HQ Location

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Legal search engine