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Aula, building a Learning Experience Platform for high-quality digital learning experiences.


Aula has created a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for Higher Education, helping universities to create life-changing learning experiences for all students. Whereas legacy education technology brought course content online, Aula makes it easy to bring high-quality learning experiences online. The product enables students and educators to easily connect outside the classroom, for example, to discuss materials with other students or lecturers. Aula stands out through its user experience that is similar to that of the likes of Slack, Notion, Facebook and others. Needless to say, this ease of use is loved and praised by both students and educators.


Engagement is the key to success

With this consumer-like experience, Aula facilitates increased student engagement. Engagement is the one thing that really matters for educational institutions. If students don’t engage – with their material, peers, educators, or the learning process – little is gained in terms of learning. Aula partners typically see more than 2x as much engagement compared to their legacy technology systems. They do so by not just being a place to store materials (doing a “content dump”), but by creating course communities to foster meaningful interaction.


Team with a strong passion to change education

The team recognises that change doesn’t happen overnight in Higher Education and that any change requires working closely together with educators to bring their courses online. This is one of the things that impressed us most about Aula. They are able to translate their vision into a product that is very easy to use for educators and allows educators to create a new online course within 8 hours, rather than the 80 hours it takes without Aula.


The chemistry between Aula and henQ probably was predestined even before we ever met: a startup and VC without an office, both working fully remotely, and – as the cherry on top – with Aula being a business that enables remote learning. In that sense, it should not come as a surprise that we are proud to announce our fully remote deal with them.

For all the above reasons we are delighted to invest in Aula. We look forward to working together with Anders, Rune, and everyone else in the Aula team, and cannot wait to see how Higher Education will evolve with the help of Aula.




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