Aito completely changes how you apply Machine Learning to your application.


Data scientists are hard to find and difficult to hire. Truly getting the benefit of Machine Learning (ML) in your product, be it a web or mobile app, is time-consuming, costly, unpredictable, and only available to larger enterprises with big data science and engineering teams. Aito is changing this. Aito enables you to implement predictive elements without the need for a data scientist. They do this by delivering a hosted, API accessible ML solution per use case (think recommendations, smart search, forecasting, correlations). If you know how to use a traditional database, you can use Aito, and get the benefit of ML in a predictive database.


For developers, by developers: created for real use cases

The world of AI and ML is full of hype. What really spoke for Aito is how they ensured that ML is actually easy to apply, and fit for purpose. Truly bringing a benefit, at a low cost. The founding team of Aito has a strong background in consultancy, and they know what it is to create real applications and platforms under time pressure. They know what it is to select and implement a tool as a developer. You notice this throughout the full Aito experience: no fluff, no buzz, no hype. Instead, they bring real benefit and above all, the first results in less than a day, which is drastically faster than today’s status-quo of month-long ML projects focus on research instead of results.


Together we work on creating a new ML paradigm

Aito has opted for henQ as their first international VC on their cap table due to our dedicated focus on B2B software companies, and proven track record of helping developer platforms become a success. henQ and Aito work together on establishing the right go-to-market strategy, international expansion, and scaling their team.

For henQ, Aito is the first investment in Finland, which is fully in line with our further expansion to the Nordic market (3 of the last 5 deals announced are in the Nordics). And the Aito team indicated a great cultural fit between themselves and the team at henQ: open discussions, honest feedback, and a fast and decisive investment process.




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