Airsquire’s software automates the verification process in construction by comparing 3D designs with 3D scans of physical assets to identify inconsistencies.



For decades, construction verification has been a manual and time-consuming process that is prone to human errors.

In comparison to manual verification, Airsquire’s software accelerates the process by 95%, increases coverage to 100%, and enhances productivity while reducing costs. The current approach has an approximate coverage of 5% to 10% of the as-built environment, often resulting in undetected discrepancies. Discovering these discrepancies at a later stage leads to rework and becomes a costly affair in terms of time and resources.


Right from the start, we have been impressed by the manner in which the Airsquire team operates.

During our interactions, the team has shown the ability to learn and iterate very quickly. They have shown the guts to travel to Europe from Asia and to try to innovate the construction industry. We believe Airsquire is ready to improve the current way of working within the construction industry and will prevent many delays and rework within this industry.




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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Construction verification platform