Corporate life not for you?


Apply for a €100K investment to create the next B2B software unicorn.


We help you in bringing your product to market, finding your first customers, and guide you through the fundraising process for the next round. 

Are you a recent graduate or ready to do something more challenging than just study, and feel corporate life is not for you? Don’t let golden handcuffs stop you from creating the next unicorn.


About one-third of highly successful European B2B software companies are founded by recent graduates who have chosen to build a company rather than pursue a corporate career. And we want to see more of them, here in The Netherlands.


henQ has dedicated a part of its fund to back graduates building B2B software companies, instead of joining yet another trainee program. We’re targeting founders who are near graduation or have recently graduated and are in their first job, currently thinking about starting their first company.

We support you in making

your startup a success. 

Apply today, and have money

in the bank within one month.


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