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We back the best founders. We like boring or ‘too small’ markets, atypical business models, or any early-stage business that is simply a little different in one way or another.

<aside> 💵 EUR 500k - 5M tickets


<aside> 🇪🇺 Europe


Before we invest

↔ Conversation about things you actually care about.

✍🏻 No need to build decks or investor pleasing models, we work with the documents and metrics that you use to steer the business.

📅 Days rather than weeks between first meeting & signed term sheet.

After we have invested

🎯 Deeply committed investor that aims for a 100% hit rate: no spray and pray with us, you will be 1 of the 3 companies we invest in each year.

🤷🏽‍♀️ A shareholder that dares to say “I don’t know” and lets you run the business in the way you see fit. No pushing for influence or of bad ideas.

🔥 When we do something, we do it well: the best support in hiring, fundraising & target setting.

<aside> 💸 henQ companies use less funding and dilute less to grow to 10M ARR / annualized net revenue than the average VC backed business.


<aside> 📌 We are fine if you want to build a sustainable business without ever raising a follow-on round. If you do decide to raise: as a henQ company your chances of raising a proper follow-on round are 2,7x better than the market average.


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