Platform ZIVVER

ZIVVER completes $12 million fund raise

October 16, 2018 — ZIVVER, Europe’s leading secure communications platform, has raised $12M in a transaction led by SaaS specialist Dawn Capital with participation from DN Capital and the existing investor henQ Capital Partners.

ZIVVER is a full-stack platform that protects your sensitive data with ease. Its ISO-certified machine-aided software scans emails and attachments, flagging any unusual behavior patterns, while best-in-class asymmetric encryption protects all the data on the go. In a true platform fashion, ZIVVER also allows users to share files thousands of times larger than the usual limits, without resorting to unsecure shadow IT. No new account or app installation is required to access this bullet-proof, enterprise-grade tool.

The company was founded in Amsterdam in 2015, by Rick Goud and Wouter Klinkhamer, at the time both consultants to Dutch healthcare institutions. “We saw first hand the paradox that patients can greatly benefit when their medical files are shared between doctors and hospitals but at the same time this data is so sensitive that sharing was made extremely difficult by security procedures,” — said Goud. So we set ourselves the challenge to build a completely secure communications infrastructure that is accessed from Outlook and looks like regular email.” “But beneath the hood”, added Klinkhamer, “is a GDPR-compliant platform with end-to-end protection, which addresses human errors, including misaddressed emails and incorrect attachments, all with seamless two-factor authentication at a click of a button.”

Since launching in 2017, ZIVVER has grown at a rapid pace to become the market leader in the Netherlands with more than 20% of hospitals communicating over ZIVVER’s platform. A launch into the local government vertical has rapidly lead to a similar 20% market share and growing.

“The bet we were taking was whether ZIVVER could jump the Dutch border and we were delighted to see that during our investment process the company started closing Belgian and German customers”—said Norman Fiore, Partner at Dawn Capital. “What makes ZIVVER unique, is its technologically superior yet intuitive product. ZIVVER is where best-in-class security meets frictionless use”,—added Evgenia Plotnikova, Principal at Dawn Capital.

“ZIVVER is already opening offices in Belgium and Germany and we are excited to help the business fuel growth in these markets we know well,”—said Thomas Rubens, Partner at DN Capital.

“From the early days, we knew that the opportunity in healthcare alone was huge. As medical datasets grow and patient records become increasingly digital, sharing data in a secure fashion is critical. We are excited to have new investors on board to assist the company in reaching the next level and going cross-border and cross-sector,”—said Jan Andriessen, Partner at henQ Capital, early stage Dutch fund and existing investor.