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Music channel XITE and SpotX unleash a revolution in programmatic advertising on TV

Amsterdam, 19 April 2018 – In the summer of 2017, music channel XITE was the first to enable the purchase of online advertising campaigns for television. After a successful pilot of more than six months, XITE is now ready for the next step. Starting today, using the video ad-serving platform SpotX, the music channel offers advertisers the possibility of completely programmatic and focused advertising on television screens. IPG Mediabrands customers have the first cut at this revolutionary method of programmatic TV-ad buying.

Cross-media campaigns using targeted advertising

XITE is the first music channel in the world providing personalised music services on linear television via a set-top box. In recent months, SpotX and XITE have collaborated to expand the service with programmatic advertising solutions by optimising the data from household viewing behaviour and the advertising process. The result is that advertising campaigns can now be purchased across media – on both TV via the set-top box and on online channels by means of programmatic and targeted advertising. This now enables advertisers to advertise even more efficiently at a large scale.

From a modest step to a revolution

XITE founder and CEO Derk Nijssen: “What started as a modest step in programmatic TV ad-buying now appears to be a revolution for purchasing advertising on the big screen. It’s fantastic that we can now enable purchasing based on users and views, together with SpotX. From the standpoint of ‘audience first’, we are developing an integrated approach together that ensures effective and efficient advertising campaigns.”

 Thomas Welle, Head of Video IPG Mediabrands: “With this first cut in programmatic TV-ad buying, IPG Mediabrands is once again the first to offer its customers an innovative platform in the digital landscape. With the advanced targeting options that this technology offers, we create effective scale increases for our customers within target groups that are difficult to reach. By embracing such initiatives as these, we reinforce the unique characteristics of local parties and, of course, their growth.”

Personalised advertisements are the future of TV

Elwin Gastelaars, Managing Director of SpotX Benelux & Nordics: “Just like XITE, we are striving toward a personalised future in which the viewer is paramount. The fact that we’ve been able, within six months, to expand targeting opportunities on the set-top box from simply the various music channels and specific timeslots to a completely programmatic approach shows that programmatic advertisement is also the future of TV. It’s a future in which consumers and their personal preferences are paramount.”