Aidence Veye Chest

Aidence has received CE Mark

Aidence announces that it has received CE Mark level 2a regulatory approval for its Veye Chest solution for pulmonary nodule detection on chest CT. Veye Chest is now cleared for clinical use across the EU. This is a major milestone as Aidence is one of the first companies in Europe to certify medical software based on Artificial Intelligence.

‘Lung cancer screening with low-dose CT can save lives’, according to a recent policy paper in Lancet Oncology of November 2017.
Early detection of pulmonary nodules is very important for managing early-stage lung cancer and maximizing survival rates. Veye Chest addresses this difficult and time-consuming task by assisting the radiologist with automated detection of suspicious lesions. It combines high accuracy with a low false positive rate and seamless integration into the radiologist’s workflow for maximum efficiency.

Several hospitals in the Netherlands are currently testing Veye Chest; the CE mark will accelerate the uptake in clinical practice in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and other European countries.