henQ Award TheNextWeb Conference 2015

henQ is proud to announce the henQ Award:

€100,000 investment for the best company of TheNextWeb Conference 2015 Boost program.

If you have a stellar team, a strong vision, a company culture to attract the best talent and an awesome product that your first business customers are excited to have paid for, please join our challenge and participate in the Boost program.

henQ has a sweet spot for early-stage software companies that want to accelerate fast, are eager to conquer the world starting from The Netherlands, focus on solid B2B value propositions, are led by the brightest software developers/designers/marketers/sales/entrepreneurs, and believe having fun is a key metric for creating success.

The henQ team will participate in the expert jury of the Boost program that will nominate the winner of the henQ Award. the conditions of the investment of €100,000 have to be mutually agreed upon by the winner and henQ.