One million dollars for StudyTube, with Netflix for company training

e-learningStudyTube today launches ‘Netflix for company training’. An online learning platform that provides for the increasing demand for competence-based online courses. StudyTube receives $ 1 million investment money of henQ Invest and transcontinental investment fund Redcrest.

Homam Karimi, founder of StudyTube: “Every year Dutch businesses spend a total of approximately 3 billion euros on corporate training, and these budgets are under pressure. StudyTube offers competence-based online training of professional experts, for a small amount of what the same training costs offline. With our ‘All you can learn’ model employees learn what they want, when they want.”

Herman Hintzen, managing partner of henQ: “Corporate e-learning will continue to grow by 20% per year until 2017. Worldwide more than 80 billion euros is spent in this industry. StudyTube has a highly motivated team and is one of the world leaders in e-learning technology. We believe they are well positioned to gain a significant part of the market in the coming years.  Therefore henQ has again participated in this funding round.”

All you can learn from professionals

StudyTube introduces an ‘All you can learn’ model. For a flat fee of € 49 per month, the user has unlimited access in its personalized environment to take courses from experts.
The startup has selected over 100 experts in the recent months, among them Nyenrode New Business School. Together with these educators StudyTube has developed courses to develop knowledge and experience, but also to improve skills and change behavior. The employer can monitor the development of the student carefully through a management dashboard and is able to adjust if necessary.

Private business academy

In a secluded area on, employers have the possibility to compose an online academy in which their employees can choose from a range of different courses. In this online academy employers can also develop specific courses such as a sales training or customer support training and save time and money when training new staff.

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