Wakoopa: Facebook and WhatsApp the most popular in the Netherlands

facebook_logo_detailwhatsapp-logoFacebook and WhatsApp can be found on most smartphones and tablets in the Netherlands. Both social networks have a reach of more than 50 percent among the Dutch of 16 years old and older. This is determined in the first edition of the Top 100 Mobile survey of Wakoopa in which the 100 most popular mobile apps and websites of the month are published.

In collaboration with Dutch market research company TNS NIPO Wakoopa will monthly collect the most popular apps and websites in the Netherlands. A panel of 1,500 Dutch is equipped with tracking technology that registers the use of apps and websites visits. One of the things that will be monitored is at for what age and which gender, specific apps and sites are popular. The April edition of the index is a free download.

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