SEOshop appoints new maketing director and opens office in Germany

foto Joost Hoogstrate

CMO SEOshop Joost Hoogstrate

Webshop platform SEOshop opens an office in Germany so they can better connect to the local culture and needs. Additionally, the company last week assigned marketing director Joost Hoogstrate.

The appointment of the new marketer is part of the growth strategy SEOshop. The front-end of the site is translated into five languages​​, the back-end in seventeen languages​​.
Any European business can get a SEOshop kit and start a webshop. But Hoogstrate acts selectively. “We choose countries with growth potential. England is not one of them because it is very large, but for example France and Poland qualify. Germany is still behind in the use of SaaS services compared to the Netherlands. We see strong growth over there and we want to perpetuate and expand that.”

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