XITE Awards ’14 trending topic on Twitter

XA14On March 13 2014, the music scene will be completely dominated by the XITE Awards. After the first edition in 2013, the award show will return to Club AIR Amsterdam. The ’14 edition offers more gigs and more awards than the previous year and is expected to be the event of the year. National as well as international artists will perform during the show and awards in ten different categories can be won.

The nominees will be revealed during the coming months. Following disclosure, the audience can vote online and at pre-parties. On Twitter, the event is already a success already: #XA14 was recently trending topic worldwide.

Fashion brand Lushified and XITE closed a partnership for the event. Facebook fans can determine which Lushified outfit host Ingrid Jansen will wear during the awards. On XITE TV the show Behind The Scenes, powered by Lushified is broadcasted. During the show Lushified & XITE will hand out an award for Best Dressed Female Artist and the Fashion Fan Award.