Triumph Consultancy Services chooses the Mendix platform

TriumphConsultancy_logoMendix, the app platform company for the enterprise, today announced a partnership with Triumph Consultancy Services, a specialist life sciences consultancy that has been working for over 12 years with biopharma, CRO, and medical device companies to enhance the quality, experience, and value of clinical trials.  As a result of the agreement, Triumph is leveraging the Mendix App Platform to quickly deliver clinical trial optimization solutions that are intuitive, flexible, and responsive to both business and user requirements.

Specifically, Triumph saw three key benefits of adopting the Mendix platform:

  • Flexibility – While the clinical trial process is often fairly consistent across companies, Triumph’s approach ensures that the solution is tailored to each client’s needs.  With Mendix, the company can easily drive system design to their workflow and deliver exactly what the business needs.
  • Integration – Clinical systems typically require extensive integration.  The ability of the Mendix platform to easily integrate with any system or data source and make the right data available at each step in the clinical trial process was another important consideration.
  • Speed – Using Mendix, Triumph can develop a proof of concept for a client quickly and inexpensively, and then adjust it easily based on user feedback or other business requirements – a true agile development approach.