Hospital is the first to have a patient-friendly appointment system

zonnestraal logoEye Hospital Zonnestraal in the Netherlands soon offers her patients the ability to schedule an appointment on the internet at a time that suits them best.

It was a long time desire of the hospital to help make it to make easier for her patients to make an appointment on the internet. For this purpose cooperation was sought with E-Commerce specialist Libersy , who has developed the appointments module ‘Libersy Calender Enterprise for Health Care’.

With the realization of the module Libersy took into account that a secure link was made with the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) of the hospital.
Within months also the other 10 locations in The Netherlands of the hospital are ready to work with the module. Patients make an appointment based on availability of medical personnel, equipment and treatment rooms. “Quite some time we were looking for a friendly appointment system on which patients can make an appointment on the internet,” said Chairman Co van Angelen about the cooperation with Libersy. “We have been able to expand our services to our patients by providing an opportunity to book an appointment in an easy, simple, safe and professional way, 24 hours a day. We can maximize our capacity on lesser costs and increase patient satisfaction with this service.’ Van Angelen also sees opportunities for this service at other departments like dermatology and plastic surgery.

Sales Manager Herman Unema of Libersy adds, “A major focus for Libersy is healthcare. Through the knowledge we have about the needs in this sector and our experience and expertise in this field, we make sure that the patient is the most important person.  Having to make an appointment with a physician is awkward enough as it is. On the other hand we realize substantial cost and time savings for our customers. ”

Unema indicates that the communication between patient and healthcare is changing. “People continue to use the internet more often. It is even possible to schedule an appointment with your health care provider through Facebook. Libersy also sees opportunities for video consulting. This application is currently being developed. A patient can make an appointment for a video consultation, for example with Skype, Google Talk or Apple’s Face Time .