PINS Group and IS Interned Services join forces

logo_pinsThe largest independent provider of hosting and managed services continues as IS.

ICT service provider PINS and IS Interned Services Group -a provider of hosting and managed services- join forces immediately and will continue under the name IS. Besides the brand the Customer Self Service label Plus Hosting is continued and further developed as a one-stop IT shop for small businesses. With an expected consolidated annual turnover of around 21 million euros in 2010 and a combined workforce of 135 FTE, the new IS is the largest independent Dutch provider of hosting and managed services solutions for medium-sized and large business market.

The board of directors consists of Jan Willem des Tombe (former CEO of PINS) and Arjan Steevels (Founder and Managing Director of IS Interned Services). The company settles in Purmerend, The Netherlands.

Jan Willem des Tombe: “The importance of ICT for the continuity and performance of organizations is increasing. With this the need also grows for a stable, strong and reliable partner with the right knowledge and experience.  They have to be able to grow with the customer who wants to invest in the customer relationship. By joining our forces we now have the right size to meet these needs. Moreover, we now can offer our customers a complete product and service portfolio in the field of hosting, managed services, outsourcing and connectivity.”

Arjan Steevels: “PINS and IS Interned Services have found each other in the belief that it is the people, the knowledge, the experience and the level of service that makes the difference between an average and a winning solution. Services stand for flexibility, speed, accessibility, short lines and a personal approach by motivated employees. But also for reliability, integrity and honesty. The new IS continues where we came from: Do what you promise and perform better than other providers in the market.”

The merger of PINS and IS Interned Services results from an identical view of the market, which is characterized by rapid ICT developments. IS can now service their customers better and more complete because of the strengths of both companies. The company offers a complete product and service portfolio of hosting, managed services, outsourcing and connectivity to support them in achieving their business goals. In its new composition IS has access to a large number of highly qualified professionals. IS is ISO 27001 certified and before the end of 2010, the ISO 20000 accreditation. The company offers this guarantee up to 100% and also shows how they secure these service levels within the organization.